Online Marketing Planner (Shoplus)

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Owned by parent company iKala, Shoplus is an AI social selling assistant targeting SEA social commerce merchants.
Based on its cutting-edge technology and human-centered product design mindset, Shoplus provides a one-stop solution including AI-Live Sell, AI-Chatbot, and AI-Messenger Plug-in tool for social merchants. Also been partnership with Google and Facebook Messenger.

  If you are ambitious, and looking for a career path with global opportunity, fast moving tempo with startup spirit, this will be the right place for you.
【Job Description 】
1. Lead Shoplus HQ marking campaign including online and offline, and align with SEA market.
2. Brainstorm and develop ideas for creative marketing campaigns and wordings.
3. Familiar with FB social media marketing, FB ads, FB fan page, FB group content strategy and admin support.
4. Be creative with FB content and activity to engage with Shoplus TA.
5. Excellent English copy for product description, FB content copy, blogger and marketing campaign.
6. Collaborate with overseas marketing team and art designer to deliver professional work.
7. Can drive marketing proposal from draft to execution.
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【Required Experience and Skills】
1. Native in English, can communicate in Chinese
2. Outgoing with can-do attitude
3. Familiar with FB content and ADs
4. Familiar with Wordpress, FB fan page, youtube and GA
5. SEO experience would be a plus
6. Fast learner
7. Love shopping and have shopping experience from FB fan page, group or Line
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